Paul was born in London, but grew up in Nottingham, where he developed a love of acting, being a member of the Famous People's Theatre, alongside actors such as Peter Bowles, John Turner and John Bird.

Upon leaving school Paul gained a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where he won The Clifford Bax Prize for student production.

After graduating from the academy, Paul went into repertory at the Midland Theatre Company in Coventry. It was not long until the bright lights of the West End began calling and Paul found himself appearing in "Share My lettuce", alongside Kenneth Williams and Dame Maggie Smith.

A varied career pursued mainly in the theatre, as well as acting Paul has directed and choreographed many plays, musicals and major pantomines. Paul has also worked in films and television including being a regular on series like "Softly, Softly", "Z cars" and "Tell it to the Marines".

Paul is an active member of equity as the chair of the Choreographers Commitee and also on the council. He is is a member of the Shakespeare 2012 steering committee and has recently been appointed a trustee of the Dancers' Career Development.

Paul has a green card and is therefore eligible to work in the United States.